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TYPICAL LIBERAL - Wanting something free to avoid having to work (like waxing the paint.)

IS THE US ECONOMY SOME SORT OF JOKE TO YOU, MR. PRESIDENT?!? - Folks are losing their careers & jobs, and you think golf is the answer? Can't wait for 2012 to fire your @$$.

THERE'S A SELF-PROCLAIMED LIBERAL - Who hates unions, wants to see illegals deported, and is not a fan of higher taxes. I wanted to tell him he's not as liberal as he thinks.

Joe Biden Proves He's An Idiot Yet Again -

Ol' Glory -

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calron - February 25, 2016, 2:14 am
Strange I had an idea about Obama responding along the lines of how he'd like to be in the SCOTUS as a response to the rep obstructionism.